When searching sniff.email you can help save animal lives.

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man."

- Charles Darwin

When you search, you can help save animals lives

Taking inspiration of wo/man's best friend we 'sniff' out emails from across the internet, to help individuals better protect themselves online (find out how we do this in a little more detail here). 

We think our four-legged ( sometimes less ☹ ) friends should be rewarded for their great inspiration.  We also just love animals here at sniff.email – we hope you do to!  

For every paid search via sniff.email we donate up to 10% to animal charities (not just benefitting dogs, but all animals in need).

These great charities have already benefitted.

Please share this search tool with your friends. Help them to protect their digital data, and in doing so you also help to save animal lives.  It's a 'win win'.

great charities have already benefitted
ManxSPCA charity



Manx Registered Charity No. 26a

Manx ARC charity

Manx ARC


Manx Registered Charity No. 1199 

Search & Rescue Dogs (SARDA)

Search & Rescue Dogs (SARDA)


Manx Registered Charity No. 918 (full member of NSARDA

MANN Cat Sanctuary

MANN Cat Sanctuary


Manx Registered Charity No. 705

Please keep checking back to see what progress we are making.

If you are a registered animal charity and would like to benefit please email us, including your registered charity ID.