What we're about and what our aims and objectives are.
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Our mission is to create an adaptive set of useful tools that provide insights into your online privacy.  This will help identify, remove or protect your openly exposed personal email addresses online.

We share this knowledge with the rightful owner to improve protection of their email address so that they can protect their email address; reducing unlawful use, unwanted spam, ransomware, identity theft or other malicious threats. We believe that helping people protect their digital data is the right thing to do.  

We, as a company recognise it's only one small step to helping people stay safe online, so we'll try to do it really well.

We all get spam and unwanted emails from time to time.  Some of us have even been a victim of online fraud or identity theft.  Most of the time, the first key piece of information used by fraudsters in order to gain access to your personal data is your email address.

In a world that is so connected, it is easy for us to lose track of where we’ve willingly or unwillingly exposed our email to others.

Our search platform helps you to locate where your email address is openly exposed across the internet.  We hope that by showing you where your email address is exposed, we can encourage users to remove their email address from the internet, thus better protecting their future self.   

How sniff.email works

When you search for your email via the sniff.email platform, we look at the content of billions of web pages to see if any of them contain your data.  We look for both exact and likely matches.  

Exact Match

In this scenario we would have found a webpage which contains your full email address, open for everyone to see.  It could be a response to a post on social media, a page set up without your knowledge, a business page set up where you haven’t used a masking technique.   If it’s out there, we aim to find it for you.  

Possible Match

In this situation we’ll break your email down, extracting your name and domain name.  We run this as a separate search to identify any posts or links that likely refer to you, but don’t necessarily contain your direct email.   This is experimental technology that we are evolving with every search and as such, some entries can be omitted or are irrelevant.   

Why does it matter?

We believe that you should know who holds your email, or information about you.   Leaving your personal data exposed on the internet will increase the chances of identity theft, spam or being a victim of online fraud.  

OK. So, what if you find my data?

You’ll be given the option to see the information that we find.  We encourage you to review each link and decide how you would like to proceed.  

We can guide you through removing your information or using techniques to reduce the likelihood of being spammed or becoming a victim of digital scams, spam or fraud.  

what if you find my data

Can I not just google my email to find this data?

Yes, and we encourage you to do this.  Google and other search engines can be a great place to start although you should still use sniff.email, as unlike any other service we simultaneously search 20+ search engines and social media sites.  We use proprietary software solutions specific to finding emails and exposed personal data online, we then provide one neatly formatted report outlining all search results regardless of platform.

Can I not just google my email to find this data

Million Dollar Question.  Is there a charge?

We passionately believe that your email address should be protected, just like your bank details, or any other personal information. We've taken the time to build this software, invest in technology to help people protect their emails, and provide support to all of our customers, all of which costs time and money. It's only fair we are paid for the great work that we do, don’t you agree? You will be provided with the first search result for free.  After that, there is a one-off charge of £9.99 for a full report.  

Why are you called Sniff?  

We work on the concept that a dog is a Wo/man’s best friend.  They are also great at retrieving things.  Here at sniff.email we love to retrieve your personal data.  For every order placed we donate 10% to animal charities (not just for dogs) to help protect them.  So, each time you search, you can help to save animal lives – we’re proud of this and think it’s a pretty cool way to run a business!  

Always improving

We are working around the clock to improve our service offering.  Our passion is to help you protect your digital data.  It’s your email address, why should someone else have it and abuse it.  You wouldn’t accept someone having your bank details, birth certificate, mobile/cell number etc… so why should it be any different for your email?   We hope that you gain valuable insight from our service.  If you would like to share your experience or reach out to us with any feedback, please contact us here.